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Penusah Tana (The Forgotten Struggle)
August 1, 2008, 3:47 am
Filed under: Films, Indigenous People, Logging, Oil Palm

For over 20 years, Ajang Kiew, a Penan Leader, has been setting up blockades to protect his Native Customary Rights land from the intrusion of logging companies. To his dismay, his cries and efforts have fallen on deaf ears. Now, he sets up one final struggle before oil palm and tree plantations take over for good.

For more on the Films4Conservation Initiative and Network: http://www.films4.org


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You put so much info together and no contact details. Why? If you like to raise awareness the purpose must be to get peopled involved, to get
them interested in taking some actions. Otherwise there is really no point. And wherever I look I can’t find any contact detail. I even asked when I got the leaflet, if I could get some contact details, but I just got the reply that there wasn’t any. I have never experienced that before when people have tried to raise awareness about a certain issue. And this problem is far too important to be left in the air.

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