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What Rainforest? will continue to strive to improve this website and the campaign. However, we would like to hear your suggestions to make this even better. 

Please post your feedback and suggestions at the comment section below; or if you would like your feedback to remain private, feel free to email us at whatrainforest@gmail.com . Include your name (or pseudonym) and email address with your suggestions if possible.

Every feedback and suggestion will be taken seriously and we will try our level best to respond and improve the campaign and this website. Thank you very much for your support.


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Your openess for feedback is amazing! And how quickly you respond and do something about it. I hope many people get in touch and want to get involved in this urgent matter. There has been some negative critics of what your work, which of course can be constructive, but I will take the opportunity also to say what a great work you have done!! The world need more people like you. And I hope this initiative will lead to some positive actions with support of the marvellous rainforest which we just can’t afford to let being more destroyed, for the sake of all living creatures.

Comment by A

Sorry – my two year old hit the keyboard!!!
I am trying to encourage people to email their thoughts to the people/companies who can change things.

Comment by Amanda Enright

Let me start again… i typed in a comment and my two year old hit the keyboard and i thought the half written comment went through but i see now that it didn’t…. whoops!

What i was trying to say was… I think your blog is a fantastic initiative! The only improvement might be more photos (pictures say a thousand words) and some commentary perhaps – what do you guys think of some of the posts?

Also, I am from Australia and I have started my own fight to save the rainforests and orangutans. I have a blog – orangaction.blogspot.com – where I encourage people to write emails too.

Comment by Amanda Enright

It’s really worrying to read and hear from east Malaysians that palm oil is slowly becoming the new forest. As the Managing Editor of the Malaysian Naturalist, a quarterly publication of the Malaysian Nature Society based in KL, i was wondering if you/SADIA (hope i spelt this right) would like contribute a story on this for the magazine. About 600 words with high res pictures (at least 300 dpi) would be great. Our magazine features environmental issues and yours is one which should be highlighted. The magazine is subscribed internationally so it will go far in sending out our green message. It is also sold in major bookstores nationwide. So please let me know if you would be interested in having your story told in the Malaysian Naturalist. I can be reached at 017 889 6656 or 03-2287 9422 or editor.mns@gmail.com

Best of luck and hope to see you at the Freedom Film Festival.


Comment by Mohala Santharamohana

It would be great if you can print ‘What Rainforest?’ and ‘Wake Up and smell the Oil Palm’ T-shirts for sale. It would definitely get the message across to a much wider audience.


Comment by Mohd Azhar Ibrahim

This is the truth of Sarawak that is denied by those in power who continue to rape the land. Arriving in Kuching from the air there are no forest canopies to feast ones eyes on as the glossy tourism promise. Only smoke from areas cleared & burnt for oil palm. The once proud warrior Iban are now reduced to ekeing out a living in Kuching slums. Thank you and I promise to do all i can to promote this film.

Comment by mh

idea: maps that show the changes of indigenous ownership of the forest or which shows the changing tree populations. if you have this, i can help spread the word by spreading the news of your work to our indigenous readers.

Comment by rm

Can we show this film at a conference?

Comment by Anonymous

Hi anonymous.
Yes, you may screen the film at the conference. Please email me your details at whatrainforest@gmail.com and I will be in touch with you in less than a fraction of a second.

Comment by What Rainforest?

Lots of of people write about this subject but you wrote down some true words.

Comment by Thottolbods

Good Day

I’m Yong, coordinator of See Green, See Life Environmental Carnival to be held in HUKM Cheras come 9th January 2010
Event Website : http://seegreenseelife.weebly.com

Our Carnival centres on a few objectives, which include

1) Promoting awareness of the issues of global warming, pollution and conservation
2) Educating the public on ways to reduce our impact on the earth through sustainable living
3) Exposure for the masses on relevant authorities and NGOs involved in Environmental activities

And here’s a brief description of the activities on that day, It’ll be better explained on the website though 🙂

An interfaith Forum discussing halal and vegetarian food.
A speech by the Director of the Department of Environment, Selangor
We’ll be showing the Multi Award Winning movie, An Inconvenient Truth
A Talk by the Tzu Chi Merit Association
Advice on Recycling by Tetrapak
Fabric Bag Painting Workshop
Presentation on The When I was Young Environmental Competition organized by UM students
We’ll be having ard 30 booths of NGOs, Government bodies, Companies dealing with environment and clinical booths.
We will be making annoucements through Radiostations and Newspapers as well.

Our target audience
1)The General Public-
2) UKM Medical Faculty Students
3) Staff of UKM Medical Centre
4) Undergraduates of UKM, Bangi
5) Undergraduates of Public and Private Universitites

We would like to invite What Rainforest to come and spread their Message of Forest Conservation,
Please let us know if you are interested to participate

Thank you very much,

Raoul Yong
4th Year Medical Student, UKM Medical Centre.

Comment by Raoul Yong

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